Tortilla de Patatas (Spanish Potato Tortilla)

23 Jun

More tapas! 

A tasty share plate that I discovered in Trinidad, is similar to this tortilla, and I thought it would work in our imaginary party here.

This one is a traditional version, that has a only little smoked paprika for extra flavouring. After you have made it once this way, you could experiment with other flavours… maybe add some chorizo to the onions as they cook, layer some olives through the potatoes in the final cooking phase.

I started with these ingredients…

Some potatoes… I selected Nicola because I thought waxy potatoes would hold together well… onion, eggs, olive oil, some salt and smoked paprika.

I sliced up the onion and cooked it in a liberal amount of oil in a small non-stick frypan. Then I drained the onions over a bowl, and put the oil back in the pan.

I peeled and then sliced up the potatoes in this rough-hewn style…


In batches I cooked the potato in the oil on a low heat, I took my time, it is best that they cook without browning. I cooked pretty much a single layer of potatoes at a time. When each batch was tender, drained them on top of the onions, and re-used the oil for the next batch.

When the potatoes were all cooked, I beat the egg a little, and added some salt and smoked paprika. Then I mixed through the well drained cooked potato and onions.

They all went back in to the same, lightly oiled fry pan and back on to the low heat.

I cooked the tortilla until it was nice and crispy around the edge, and the egg on top was a little set. I then turned it upside down on a plate. I lifted the pan off, and slid the tortilla back in to the pan to cook the other side. Then it was browned on the other side, and I was happy the egg was not toooooooo firm, I slid it from the pan on to a plate to slice it up, ready serve.


It doesn’t need to be served hot, you could serve it at room temperature happily. I sprinkled more sea salt and paprika on to the served pieces. Slice just before you serve.

What do you make of that B? Will you break the tapas spell I am under?


Tortilla de Patatas
based on this recipe

1 brown onion, sliced
2 medium sized potatoes, peeled and chopped by hand in to rough hewn chips (see above)
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon sea salt + extra to sprinkle
1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika + extra to sprinkle
Olive oil (around 100ml or 3oz)
Using a small non stick fry pan, cook the onion over a low heat, with enough oil to cover the onion generously. You want to flavour this oil with the onion and then use the same oil to cook the potato.When the onion is transparent, drain in a sieve over a bowl, and pour the oil back in to the pan.Cook the potatoes in batches in the oil, when they are tender drain them in the sieve with the onions. Re-use the same oil for each batch of potatoes.Beat the eggs with the salt and paprika, and then mix the well drained onion and potatoes through the egg mixture. Pour in to the small oiled pan and cook over a low heat until the edges are browned, like and omelette would be. Carefully flip the tortilla on to a plate, and then slide back in to the pan to cook the other side. When it is browned on the other side, slide from the pan to a plate or chopping board.Slice in to cubes to serve and sprinkle with some sea salt and a little smoked paprika.

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