Chevre-stuffed Peppadew

18 Jun

I love the direction of our last few posts. Tapas are my favorite meals, small flavourful bites that seem more like a snack than a full meal. It allows you to taste quite a few small dishes, rather than having to commit to one full dish. I’m dying to try Alice’s croquetas soon. It might just be a good excuse for a party!

My friend Kate, a wonderful cook, introduced me to these beauties. Peppadew peppers stuffed with herbed goat cheese.

They are a little zingy, but not too spicy and are great as a little nibble.

This really takes just a few ingredients and only a couple of minutes.

Peppadew peppers, which can usually be found in the olive aisle or in the olive bar at the grocery store, chevre – a fresh, mild goat cheese, fresh herbs, fresh cracked pepper and some milk or cream to thin out the cheese.

Chop the herbs and add them to the chevre along with a couple of grinds of pepper and a splash of cream. I used thyme and rosemary, but you could use chives, oregano or even some lavender for a different flavor.

Mix until all the ingredients are combined. Then spoon the chevre mixture into a small ziplock bag. Zip the top and cut off a little corner to make a piping bag.

This is my trick for piping and filling things quickly and neatly. You can use fancy pastry bags, but this is my preferred short cut.

Squeeze the filling into the peppadew.

Fill all the peppers

Serve with a nice glass of Spanish red wine and other assorted nibbles.

Perfect for a nice summer night with friends.

Chevre-stuffed Peppadew

20 peppadew peppers
4 oz chevre (fresh goat cheese)
1 teaspoon of fresh herbs, chopped finely
1 tablespoon of cream or milk
2-3 grinds of fresh pepper

Mix the chevre, herbs, cream and pepper together. Spoon into piping bag or just a small zip top bag and cut off the corner to make a piping bag.

Squeeze the cheese mixture into the peppers. Serve.

Alright Alice, where’s the party going from here?!

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